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Volunteer work

The best way to do good.

In Germany, 31 million people work in their free time for the common good. Whether on the playing field, in retirement homes or with the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) – volunteers enrich our society and provide help and support to people in different life situations.

Volunteering is not just about supporting a good cause – it can also be a lot of fun. After all, what could be more satisfying than applying your own skills and talents to make a real difference in the lives of others?

Whether you are looking for adventure after school, a way to balance your life outside work or to keep active after retirement, volunteering is rewarding and will also teach you a lot – about yourself.

Six volunteers share their personal stories and explain how to find the right type of volunteer work and why they would rather get involved than spend a comfortable evening on the couch. To give everyone an opportunity to add to the success story of volunteering in Germany, the website provides helpful information and tips on the many ways you can get involved.

Come and explore the world of volunteering!


Six volunteers and their personal stories.
  • Image: A young nurse is underwater in a swimming pool. She is standing in the water and looking into the camera. From behind her, two children are swimming towards her.
    Julia, 19, Volunteer Swimming Instructor

    I'm a nurse and every wednesday I become a waterbugcoach

    The swimming instructor doesn’t crack the whip with her pupils; she wants them to enjoy the water and the exercise. So she gives them all the attention and care they need. Julia wouldn’t dream of ducking her volunteer job. She gets too much satisfaction from seeing happy kids.

    • Image: An older man is holding a bunch of bananas in his left arm; with his right hand he holds three banana halves up to the camera. Behind him, three runners with numbers on their backs run past a table holding cups of water.
      Helmut, 62, Sports Volunteer

      I'm a pensioner and at every charity run I become a strengthsupplier

      Ever since he was a child, Helmut has loved sports, and volunteer coaches were always there to help.

      Volunteers fill an important gap in society.

      For Helmut, it’s especially important to bring together people of all ages. Last year, he helped organize a charity football tournament with players aged 14 to 73 all kicking together.

      • Image: A woman wearing office clothing is standing in a dark forest and using both hands to hold a chainsaw.
        Tanja, 43, THW

        I'm an account manager and when it comes down to it I become a stormconqueror

        For Tanja, volunteering is a family affair: she and her son both volunteer with the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW). He enjoys it too, and both of them feel at home with the THW, like friends and family.

        If you’d like to volunteer with the THW, you can find out more here:

      • Image: A student wearing a sweatshirt and shorts is surrounded by flames. He is holding a fire hose over his left shoulder and extinguishing a fire not shown in the photo.
        Milan, 24, Volunteer Firefighter

        I'm a student and when there's a fire I become a flametamer

        For Milan, being a volunteer fire-fighter is a bit like being a student: he’s always learning new things. Like how to use breathing apparatus and how to drive a fire engine. Sounds exciting. But it’s rarely dangerous, because it may be years before you actually put on the breathing apparatus and go into burning buildings.

        • Image: A man wearing jeans and a suit jacket is standing at the scene of a car accident. He is holding a defibrillator in his right hand and carrying a first-aid backpack over his left shoulder.
          Jan, 38, First-Aid Volunteer

          I'm a sales manager and at every alarm I become a heartbeatgiver

          As a first-aid volunteer, Jan is always on the scene when needed. No matter whether it’s a local street fair or a heavy metal concert, Jan always keeps his cool and knows what to do. Organization, coordination and advance planning are extremely important when things get hectic. There’s never a wasted motion.

          Effective volunteering is good for the community – and vice versa.

          With all the events he’s volunteered at, it’s not surprising that Jan has lots of interesting stories to tell.

          Find out more about the German Red Cross, the Workers‘ Samaritan Federation and The Johanniter here:

        • Image: A newspaper deliverer with seven playing cards in her hand stands at a table. Three older people are sitting at the table playing cards.
          Rita, 43, Volunteer With The Elderly

          I'm a newspaper deliverer and once a week I become a gamemaker

          Rita enjoys volunteering at the senior centre and helping older people. She keeps them entertained with puzzles and games to tease their brains and help them stay mentally fit.